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Valeska Jansen
Bruggwaldstrasse 5
9533 Kirchberg SG
+41 79 889 68 38
[email protected]

Freelance Journalist since 2002
Beauty, Fashion, Lifestyle and Travel
  • Valeska Jansen

    Since many years, I’m working as a journalist and during this time I’ve specialized my focus in all the beauty affairs. Exactly this focusing was my inspiration to found my own Beauty Vlog.

    My Vlog is for all the women who are not in their twenties anymore.

    My friends and colleagues are asking me always:

    "Why do you bare yourself? There is no chance for you to hide imperfections?"

    My answer is:

    "Yes! That’s exactly the point! I’ve had enough now of all the young faces in Blog’s, Vlogs, Magazines and Advertisements. I can’t identify myself with them anymore. How should other women in my age do it?"

    Of cause, it’s not easy for me to bare myself and to see me how other people do. But my drive is stronger. I want to show women that there is no reason to hide! To get older is normal and it’s a shame of many companies to pretend as every woman has to look very young and perfect.

    Now my Vlog runs about halve a year and all the positive feedback of “normal” women inspires me to go on.

    Additional I have the chance to introduce to you some famous people from the beauty business. In my interviews with them you’ll see ho w they are. How they talk, smile and act.

    And finally:

    Due to my job I have the great opportunity to visit fantastic places all over the world. So why shouldn’t I carry my camera with me to share all the beauty with you?

    Valeska Jansen

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